The Detroit Story League meets every third Saturday of the month, except for July. We meet at noon, at various locations around the Detroit Metro area, and bring our lunches. The stories begin at 12:30 p.m., followed by a workshop to help you hone your storytelling skills, and then our business meeting which concludes at 3 p.m. View the current schedule for meeting locations, themes, and workshop topics on the Meetings page.


The Detroit Story League sponsors two events annually, Tellabration! in November, and Once Unpon a Time Children's Story Concert. View and download our publicity for these events from the dropdown menu.

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The Detroit Story League is proud to annually present a Tellabration! event as part of our ongoing mission of service through storytelling. Tellabration! is a world-wide event established in 1988 to promote storytelling and to share stories.

For more information about Tellabration!, please visit:

Silent Auction

Every year with Tellabration!, the Detroit Story League holds a silent auction, from which the proceeds, along with the ticket sales, go to a scholarship fund for members attending storytelling conferences. Conferences enable members to hone their craft and network with other storytellers. Come early to buy your tickets for Tellabration! and browse the silent auction for holiday gifts or your own pleasure.


After our stories are told, please join the tellers and other DSL members for some light refreshments outside the auditorium in the Michigan Room. You will also have a few more minutes to finalize your bets in the Silent Auction!

And if you didn't sign-in when you bought your ticket, please feel free to add your name to our community contacts list and/or subscribe to the MiStory mailing list. We will e-mail/mail you reminders about our 2 annual events, Tellabration! and our Children's Storytelling Concert. MiStory is a listing of storytelling events all over Michigan, which is mailed to subscribers every month.

Children's Story Concert

Reading and Storytelling go hand-in-hand, so the Detroit Story League offers an annual Children's Story Concert to promote interest in stories and reading.

Meeting Schedule

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