About Storytelling

What is a story-teller?

A storyteller is someone who tells stories, usually without books or props, relying on gesture, facial expressions, and vocal expression. Folk-tales, fairy tales, personal narratives, epic poetry, and more. Engage your listeners in a compelling, personal manner as you “create” the story between yourself and your audience. Story-tellers tell stories at libraries, schools, parties, among friends, or at performances. Story-tellers go places and do things that you wouldn’t think possible, and learn things about people and life as they share their stories.

Who is the League for?

The DSL is for people who enjoy listening to and/or telling stories! Come and improve your storytelling abilities. Storytellers are teachers, librarians, writers, actors, dancers, clowns, mimes, professional story-tellers, or simply people who love to tell a good story in any place at any time--creative people of all professions!

Why Join the League?

Stories are life. They contain global knowledge and wisdom, and are a way of looking backward while we’re moving forward.

We meet only once a month, so it’s a small commitment; it's a fun time with friends and refreshments, listening to good stories. We’re a professional organization--it looks good on your resume. Network. Build your confidence speaking in front of others. Learn tricks to catch and hold your students’ attention whether you’re storytelling or not--and more! Try us out!

When and Where are the meetings?

The meetings are the third Saturday monthly, and locations change every month around the Detroit-metro area, so that no matter where in the metro-area you are from, some of the meetings will be close to you! Additionally, members who live near to each other often arrange carpools to meetings.

  • Meetings are from 12 noon-3pm.
  • Noon-12:30pm, bring your lunch and socialize, practice a story, or network
  • 12:30pm-2:15pm Stories and Workshop
  • 2:15pm-3:00pm Business meeting